Matt was nervous. Everyone could tell. He kept pacing, talking, instructing, rubbing his face, and then every so often he would turn around and say to me, “argh, I’ve just never done this before!” He wanted everything to be perfect and to go perfectly. The weather wasn’t really cooperating, either. The entire week leading up to a wedding, everyone (bride and groom and us, haha) obsessively checks the weather and you can’t even imagine how much excitement we get out of seeing the chance of rain drop from 60% to 40%. Well, thus far the skies were not on our side and kept teasing us with periods of light drizzle that would turn into a mini downpour the second we thought the clouds were clearing. This is when the true colours of the bridal party come through and this is when I knew just how perfect Matt’s chosen few were for the day. Between them, they kept Matt occupied with light banter and an occasional stern talking-to as we waited for the ladies to arrive.

Dayna was emotional. Her grandfather had passed and him and Dayna had a strong bond, so you can only imagine how heavy the weight of his loss was on her heart. At the same time, she knew that he was watching and kept saying how she could feel his presence there (naturally bringing everyone to tears). To add to that, Matt had given Dayna a gift that instantly made everyone weep – prints of her grandfather along with a beautiful, heart-felt letter that professed his undying love and the strength in their relationship. At the same time, Matt had opened his letter from Dayna and, mirroring the events across the city, made it only through the first sentence before emotions overwhelmed him.

In a truly poetic fashion, the rain stopped minutes before the deadline to move the ceremony inside. The chairs were arranged, the guests found their seats, and, as if on cue, the limo arrived. The first thing that caught my eye was the proud look on Matt’s mom’s face watching her son walk down the aisle to take his place. The second was Matt looking like the happiest, luckiest man alive when he finally saw Dayna make her way towards him. At this point, there was no doubt that the rest of the day would be filled with love and laughter.

Speaking of laughter, Curt had told me about Matt’s laugh after their engagement session and how he couldn’t wait for me to hear it because it was the most awesome thing ever. Sure enough, I was not disappointed. I almost wish we had a recording of it because the closest thing I can think of would be if you were to take the Pillsbury Doughboy, take out the dough, change the “hoo-hoo” to a “hee-hee”, and exaggerate it, you might get to how his laugh starts. Not very helpful, right?! Haha. All I can say is that it brought us inexplicable joy whenever Dayna tickled him (and, trust me, we made her do it aaaaaalllllll day!) Hopefully the pictures do it a slight bit of justice :D

Oh! AND they had a doughnut cake!

This wedding, we had the pleasure of working with some great vendors, like Lily Grey Artistry MUA | Split Endz Hair | Bonnie Doon Floral | Dress from The Wedding Gallery and Bridal Plus Boutique | Moores on the men | David’s Bridal on the ladies | Ceremony at St. Albert Botanic Park | Reception at the Ukrainian Youth Unity Complex | Late night snack => La Poutine food truck